How to write a Blog on returning back to school in 2022?


Hello friends, welcome to my website, so today I am going to tell you, how to put articles in your blog or website after coming from school. Friends, in this student life, you do not have any shortage of time, so I would advise you if you are in school life, then start blogging today. So today I am going to tell you how do you enter the article after coming from school?

How To write a blog returning back to school?

So, friends, many people ask me this in the comment section given below that sir, we go to school only then, at what time do we put the article for our blog and how to put it, just tell us, friends, I am going to give you the answer today. So friends like Indian school, their timing is from 8:00 to 2:00, if A B C D school is away, then reaches home from 2:30 to 3:00, then friends, you can enter the article from 3:00. First of all, do research for half an hour for the topic on which you are going to put the article, after that you start putting that article, you will take 1 to 2 hours to put the article.

What is the length of articles that rank in google?

Friends, many people keep asking me that the articles of our website do not rank in Google and we have to enter the article of how many words to rank the article of our website in Google, then friends I want to tell you that you have If you want to rank your article in the first page of Google, then you will have to put an article of at least 1000 to 2000 words, friends, if you put a unit article of so many words in Google, then your blog or website will rank quickly in Google so that your website Traffic will come and your earning will start.

Reasons For Most Of New Bloggers Failed?

Unique Article

Friends, whenever new bloggers come to this blogging industry, they make a mistake, the name of that mistake is copying, which means that they copy someone else’s article and paste it into their website and publish the post. And then think that their post will rank in Google, friends if you are thinking that your post will rank in Google in this way, then you are thinking absolutely wrong, friends, you should always publish unique articles on your website. To do which Google will get a good signal from your website, you never have to copy-paste in your website, many people copy and spin someone else’s article, this is also absolutely wrong friends, in this way also Google your website If I do not rank, then always publish your own unique article written in your blog, if friends do not feel like writing an article, then I have found a solution for you, that is called voice typing if you want to write the article yourself. If you don’t want to write by hand then you can type it in Google through voice typing without using your hands, just start speaking the article you want to write, this will save you a lot of time.

Make Backlink

Friends, whenever a website is created, it pays attention to the article itself, but friends, you do not have to do this at all, along with the article of your website, you should also pay attention to the backlink for your website, friends, you should also pay attention to your website. I have to make a backlink too, now many people will ask me that sir what is backlink then friends this backlink is when someone else’s website has a link to your website on an anchor text so that your website Link juice is passed, it is called backlink in easy language, friends, I hope you have understood this backlink, what is it, friends, your ranking in Google search engine is 50% determined only on the backlink, friends, this backlink is very The only thing useful is that it increases the trust of Google for your website and increases the authority of your website if you want to rank any of your posts in Google, then you must make a backlink for your website, this will greatly benefit your website. a lot of People ignore the same thing, which they have to pay later, my advice to you would be that you must create a backlink along with putting an article in your website and you can backlink to your website’s homepage or any post. This will also increase the power of your domain and your articles will be able to rank well in the Google search engine.


So friends, from today in this article, we have told you that after coming from school, how will you publish the article in your blog or website and what are the mistakes you should not make while publishing the article if you have this today’s article. If you like the article at all, then do not forget to share it with close friends or relatives, if you have any questions related to our article, then definitely tell it in the comment section below, I and our team will answer your question. I will try my best, if you do not get the answer to your question by mistake, then you send the question to us on our email id, this will definitely answer your question.

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