[Trick] How To Earn Money From Meesho App in 2022?


Hello friends, you are welcome to my website, today I am going to tell you what is meesho app and how to earn money from meesho, how can you earn money from this app, friends, today I will give you all the information about this act. I will just stay with me in this article till the end.

What is Meesho App?

So friends a lot of people will ask me, sir, what is this meesho app then friends this meesho is a reselling company if I tell you in simple words it is an e-commerce store like amazon and Flipkart friends this meesho app is cheap It is very famous for the prices, in this app you will get the cheapest products, that too with good quality.

Is Meesho App is safe or not?

So friends, now the question in the mind of many people will be that sir this meesho app is safe or not, friends, I am very happy to tell you that this meesho app is absolutely safe app, you can trust it completely. This is a trusted brand like Amazon and Flipkart, so friends, recently the meesho app has raised $ 50 million in its third round of funding, which will be used to make it big, so you can guess that this meesho app is completely It is safe, you can blindly believe this app, you do not need to be afraid at all, this is not any fraud app, this app has a rating of 4.5 and 50 million downloads on the play store

How To Download meesho app?

So friends, many people you must be thinking that why sir we have learned about this meesho app but from where do we download it, then friends, I am very happy to tell that you can download this meesho app from play store apple. You can easily download this app in one lip from the store, you will not face any problem in downloading this app, you can use and download this app without any worry, face any problem in using such app download If you have to do it, then you must tell us that problem in the comment section below.

How To Use Meesho App?

Friends, this idea must be coming to the mind of many people, okay sir, how can we use this meesho app, then friends, you can use this meesho app very easily, it is a normal e-commerce store only for you. It can be used like Amazon and Flipkart, the interface of this app is very simple, it can be used by any person, from the oldest to the youngest, this app can be used very easily because of the interface of this app is very simple. There is no need to take any tension in using the app.

[1] Install and open the Meesho app.

[2] Opening Meesho will see some such interface.

[3] Now click on the Continue option.

[4] After this, after entering your mobile number, click on Send OTP.

[5] It will automatically verify the OTP. After this, some permission will be asked.

[6] Click on Continue here and click on Allow.

[7] After this select your gender.

[8] Now Meesho App is ready to use.

How To Earn Money From Meesho App?

So friends, now many people must be thinking that we have learned about the meesho app, but we have not yet come to know how we can earn money through this meesho app, friends, you can make money with this meesho app very easily. Now let me tell you how you will earn money from this app?

Affiliate marketing

So, friends, you can do affiliate marketing very well with the help of this meesho app, first, you have to select a product in the meesho app, then you have to extract the affiliate link of that product and then you share that link with many people. You can, if anyone buys this product from your affiliate link, then you will earn in this Meesho app. Friends, this is a very easy way to earn from this app, you will not get any easier way to earn money. And friend, this meesho app gives you the highest affiliate commission, it earns more than amazon and Flipkart, so my advice to you would be that you must use this meesho app and earn money from it.

meesho app customer care number

Helpline Phone Number – 08061799600
E-mail – [email protected]

Benefits of meesho app

  • In this meesho app, you can easily sell your product by adding your margin
  • In this app, you can earn more by joining the referral program
  • This meesho app gives a profit of its earning 3 days in a month on 10th, 20th, 30th
  • In this, the quality of the products is also good.
  • You can search for that product by searching any photo in Meesho.
  • You can also earn money from Challenges and Lottery Spin.
  • With meesho app, you can start 0 investment business


So friends, today I told you what is this meesho app and how you can earn money from this meesho app, I have told you in detail in my article today, if you like this article of ours today, then this Do not forget to share with your close friends at all so that they can also earn through the meesho app and help their parents, if you have any question related to our article, then definitely tell us in the comment section below. And our team will look forward to answering that question as quickly as possible.

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